NOTE: DAXTER SPAWNS on "What is that smell?" at the top! Map will be fixed in the next day Legend

  • Purple dots are teleports.
  • Red dots are npcs.
  • Yellow dots are things needed to continue in storyline. (Example: Yellow dot's in Hexe Caves = Levers)
  • Bright green dots are bosses
  • Black dots are town teleporters

Note:The order of NPC's are read from left-right and top-down.


Swamp: East Is East
NPC1: Angela - Quest? 340 Fierra. Reward? Shock IV


Swamp: Totem Terror

Terror Swamp: Due South

Swamp: Stinky Pali
Tele BR go to A Swamp Of A Time

Terror Swamp: What is that smell?

NPC1:  Amanda  - Quest? 10 Litik Horns. Reward? Soul Stealer IV


Swamp: Can you hear that?

Terror Swamp: A Swamp Of A Time

Tele TR: Stinky Pali


Swamp: The Big Bad Boss

Terror Swamp: No Turning Back
To Mushroom Village

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