The Spring event first occured May 5th 2012 and ended June 8th 2012. The butterflies and catchable pali were removed on May 29th and event shops opened on May 29th and closed on June 8th.

Event DetailsEdit

Every hour, for 5 minutes, butterflies would cover the site. Clicking on one of them would give you a random butterfly. These butterflies could be used to complete May's Spring Time Quests from which she would reward you with rubies, May points, or a random butterfly. May also had a seed shop; players could plant the seeds in their garden and use the flowers harvested to craft flower baskets. Red and yellow tulips could be traded in to May for the two event pali (Raspbuck and Strawdeery). Later, the flower baskets could be traded in for May points to use to buy event items at the end of the event.


Three avatars were released for this event:

  • "Bee Times" was given by tossing a Daisy into the Dark Hole
  • "Butterfly Time" was given when a player had 16 butterflies in the inventory
  • "Buzz" was earned by buying a bee plushie from the Spring event shop

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