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56 Speik
Type: Demon Demon
Palamorphs at: 15
Starting stats:

Strength: 3
Defence: 3
Magic Attack: 10
Magic Defence: 11
Luck: 8

Found Around: Can you hear that?
Height: n/a
Weight: n/a stones

Palabase EntryEdit

Fluttering gracefully through the night sky Speik are very calm Pali. They are often given a bad rap and thought to play tricks on small children and be the cause of bad dreams. Despite this, the Speik it is very helpful and will guide lost travelers to nearby towns at night.


Palia Locations Adventure Locations
Terror Swamp: Totem Terror Terror None
Terror Swamp: Can you hear that?


  • Many thought of the Speik as a trouble maker to cause bad dreams and play tricks on children. Despite the label they tend to be quite friendly and willing to help lost travelers to towns at night. Some can be spotted fluttering about after dawn.

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