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229 Rizar
Type: Physical Physical
Palamorphs at: 28
Starting stats:

Strength: 5
Defence: 6
Magic Attack: 3
Magic Defence: 3
Luck: 8

Found Around: n/a
Height: n/a
Weight: n/a stones


While Zuri was working on a new alchemy potion, she discovered this strange new Pali wandering near her hut. Her newest potion drew in many Rizar, causing her place to be overrun by them. Luckily the scent of the potion was what attracted them, so Zuri lured them to the Profession's Shop where you can purchase your own for 1,500 PP.

Palabase EntryEdit

Rizar are often found climbing trees with the aid of its suction cup like feet. It uses the horn on its head to rip the bark off of trees. This Pali's diet consists primarily of bugs, fruits and wood bark.


Palia Locations Adventure Locations
none none

Special PaliEdit

Rizar is part of the "special pali" where they can not be obtained through Palia or Adventure, but in a unique and special way altogether.

The only way to get one is to purchase it from the Professions Shop for 1,500 'Professions Points.'

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