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While playing Paladore players may occusionally encounter a Random Event. There are three possibilities for a random event. A player can..

  • Receive Rubies
  • Learn a random fact
  • Receive an item
  • See that their active Pali looses all HP (because of a green apple thrown at it)
  • See that their active Pali took a bite out of a sparkly pink apple, and it's HP was fully restored


  • A player can receive at least 19 rubies

Random FactsEdit

A list of facts that can be found out.

  • The Ancient Pali are said to be the most powerful Pali on Paladore.
  • Oh dear... today is not your lucky day :(
  • Think you're up to the Challenge?
  • You can find hidden avatars around the site by doing certain things.
  • Did you know that Soulstones can influence your Random Events?


Here's a list of all items received from an random event

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