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169 Proma
Type: Neutral Neutral
Palamorphs at: None
Starting stats:

Strength: 7
Defence: 5
Magic Attack: 7
Magic Defence: 5
Luck: 6

Found Around: n/a
Height: n/a
Weight: n/a stones

Palabase EntryEdit

Proma is a gentle creature. Said to be a descendant of Eo, they are a born peace keeper. When people and Pali alike see them, they instantly forget about their troubles, and the mood of the situation is brightened. Not much is known about how this effect occurs, but it is extremely powerful.


Palia Locations Adventure Locations
None None


Proma was originally released as a promotional pali for VIP guests whom registered before the actual release. It was one of several reward, along with a unique VIP avatar and 500 rubies.

These proma are endowed with a special seal and "Grand Opening" orgin, and are often rarer and more sought after than other Proma.

Special PaliEdit

Proma is part of the "special pali" where they can not be obtained through Palia or Adventure, but in a unique and special way altogether.

The only way to get a Proma, besides buying one from another player, is from the yearly Proma Raffle on Paladore's birthday.



How To Get: Visit the Palabase and view the profile of a captured Proma.

How to get: Have a 100% complete plushie collection, and then view your collection (it will show up under the challenge reward if you didn't already have it).


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