Each pali has a Type that has an influence in the Palia RPG game play. When attacking an pali with an attack which the element of the attack is strong against (e.g. Flare ability on a grass pali) it will make double damage. If the attack has an element which the pali is strong against (e.g. Bubble ability on a grass pali) it will make half the damage, unless the initial damage cannot be divided into a whole number. Below is a list of each Pali Type, and two tables that show the relative strengths and weakenesses of each type.

Type damage tableEdit

Below lists all the types that an element is strong against (deals 2x damage to), and is weak against (receives 2x damage from).

Note: When attacked by Types in bold, the row type will not deal 1/2 damage. It will receive 2x damage. (These are special types both deal and are dealt 2x damage to the opposing type)

Element Strong against: Weakness to:
Fire Fire Earth Water
Water Water Demon, Fire Earth, Lightning
Earth Earth Water Fire
Shadow Shadow Demon, Galactic Neutral, Psychic
Demon Demon Ancient, Neutral, Psychic Ancient, Psychic, Shadow, Water
Physical Physical Lightning, Neutral Galactic, Psychic, Shadow
Psychic Psychic Demon, Shadow, Physical Ancient, Demon
Neutral Neutral Ancient, Shadow Demon, Physical
Galactic Galactic Lightning, Physical Ancient, Shadow
Lightning Lightning Water Physical
Ancient Ancient Demon, Galactic, Psychic Neutral

Visual Comparison of TypesEdit

Each row shows the relative damage done to the defending type listed in the column by the attacking type listed in the row. (E.g column three, row two; Fire deals 1/2 damage to Water)

Note: "m" means that the two elements are mutually strong against each other. (Psychic and Demon both deal 2x damage to each other)

Water2x.5x.5x2x .5x
Demon .5x .5x2xm .5x
Neutral .5x.5x .5x 2x 2x
Psychic m .5x2x 2x .5
Physical 2x.5x.5x2x.5x.5x
Lightning 2x .5x.5x
Shadow 2x.5x.5x .5x2x
Galactic 2x2x.5x.5x.5x
Ancient 2x.5x2x 2x.5x

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