Paladore NewsEdit

December 2nd

  • The Lights of Paladore event has begun!
  • Nichole has been spotted around Paladore. If you talk to her nicely maybe she will give you a quest.
  • Christmas Trees have been added to all user profiles!
  • The December Legendary Items have been added!
  • Grey Snowflakes can be found randomly around paladore!
  • See the offical post for more information

November 30th

  • Two new commands can be used in RPG
    • /whisper [insertUsername] [insertMessage] to send a player pm
    • /party will send chat to everyone in a players party
  • RPG Minimap now displays NPC locations and names!
  • Shop sizes have now increased from 20 to 50, 100 to 200, and 200 to 500.
  • NEW RULE: Pali can no longer be tradeded for items/rubies/crystals
  • See the official post for more information!

November 28th

  • User profiles have been updated! They can now be completely customized with css
  • More Palapees can now be colored flame
  • Premium Members can now rename 3 pali/month
  • Legendary Items can now be chosen to be bought.. (Rather than a random item)
  • Congratulations Jawneh who won this weeks raffle! 26,825 rubies were won.
    • As a side note raffle tickets now cost 100 rubies each
  • See the official post for more information!

November 25th

  • New elemental backgrounds have been added!
  • For Black Friday anyone who purchases crystals will receive a 25% extra.
  • Users can now change sites background
  • Trading palamorphed pali now retains palabase entry
  • Dark Hole has been added to the world map.
  • A referral system is now in place
  • See the official post for more information!

November 23rd

  • Pali no longer have unique names.
  • Items that have been discarded can be found in the Dark Hole
  • Raffle is a newst game added to the Casino!
  • Pagination to the Pali Rankings and Forums!
  • Some spooky plushies can now be found in the Shop of Doom
  • Forum search New Posts now links to topic
  • Hungry Bob will no longer ask for foods greater than Rarity 40.
  • See the official post for more information!

November 21st

  • The RPG game can now be beaten
  • Quickstock has had
  • There a rumor going around that the Shop of Doom is giving out pie!
  • Scarabee and Scarabuzz have had their typed changed to Earth
  • 3 new avatars have been added
  • See the offical post for more information!

November 18th

November 17th

  • The Bug Center has been added to report bugs!
  • Unlockables for more flash games have been added
  • More palapees been added to the garden
  • Some palapees can now be colored flame
  • More drops have been added to pali
  • See the official post for more information!

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