PalaMall Ground Floor

Ground Floor of PalaMall

Ernest has finally accomplished his lifelong dream. He has expanded from his humble beginnings in the Shop of Doom and now owns and manages the PalaMall. The PalaMall consists of 2 levels, both consisting of multiple shops. Use the lift buttons to navigate between Ground floor and Level 1. 

Levels and StoresEdit

The shops on the ground floor are Food, Music and Electronics, Toys, Relics (from the Shop of Doom), Grooming Items, Claire's Fashion, and Trading Cards.

The shops on the next floor include the Book Shop, Hats&All, the Post Office, School Supplies, Wrapping Gifts, and Palapee Weapons. There are also two spaces that say "Coming Soon" so new stores and items are surely on the way.

  • Claire's Fashion sells most of the clothing items and accessories but does not sell hair. Hair and other head items can be found in Hats&All.

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