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Mushroom Village

Complete Map of Mushroom Village


  • Purple dots are teleports.
  • Red dots are npcs.
  • Yellow dots are things needed to continue in storyline. (Example: Yellow dot's in Hexe Caves = Levers)
  • Bright green dots are bosses
  • Black dots are town teleporters

Note:The order of NPC's are read from left-right and top-down.


NPC Location Quest Reward
Queen of MV The Authority Rules Defeat Daxter in Terror Swamp Neutral Heal III
Emma (NPC#3) Entrance Defeat 300 Litik Shadow Nightmare Claw IV
Jermy (NPC#5) Entrance Defeat 100 Psyig Neutral Slow I
Alex (NPC#7) Entrance Talk to Chris at Danger Garden II (250 Exp)
Brianna Danger Garden I Defeat 300 Kiki 666 Exp
Claire Path to Ancients I Defeat 300 Meetree Physical Punch IV

Map NotesEdit

  • In Path to Ancients II only portals that take you to next map were mapped. Note - There is other possible routes
  • On entrance all of the npcs are listed below. Numbers correspond to the npcs on map. Read from left to right and top-down. (As if reading a book)
    • NPC1: Ricky
    • NPC2: Edgar
    • NPC3: Emma
    • NPC4: Thomas
    • NPC5: Jermy
    • NPC6: Prissy
    • NPC7: Walter
    • NPC7: Alex

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