The Lights of Paladore event encompasses Paladore's celebrations during the month of December.

Event DetailsEdit



The event started December 2nd, 2011 and included hourly snowfall, Nichole quests, and Christmas trees. Clicking on the snow whenever it fell would award you with a random snowflake. Nichole would ask for a snowflake and award you with various things such as event items, grey snowflakes, or double experience in Palia. You could place Lights of Paladore Gifts under people's christmas trees on their profile. These gifts could only be opened from December 25th to 31st.


The advent calendar was introduced on December 5th but the rest of the event appeared
later. The event for this year started fully on December 8th, 2012 with some adjustments and additions to the first year's event. To reduce the lag caused by hourly snowfall, a giant snowglobe was introduced for distribution of the snowflakes. This met with some initial problems, so the dark hole was kept stocked with snowflakes throughout the event. Nichole made another appearance and rewarded players with 30 new event items, RPG and Adventure bonuses, and Lights of Paladore Gifts. Staff posted riddles directing players to find hidden items around the site.

Catchable Pali:Edit

Yurti and Snearken made an appearance for the 2012 edition of the event.

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