Every month, Paladore releases a selection of Legendary Items (usually 12*). These items have their own rarity (110) and are only available from the Cashshop for 30 Days. After that, the items cannot be purchased from the Cashshop ever again. There are many different types of Legendary Items; from Palapee Weapons to Unlockable Garden Plants. All Legendary Items cost 200 Crystals when buying from the Cashshop.

  • Starting November 2012, only 8 legendaries will be released per month.

November 2011Edit

City of Paladore Grasillia User Icon Pali Paw Charm
Demon Fruit Garden Flower Fope The Skeleton
Golden Goblet Fire Quill Submit
1st Legendary Item Ticket Silver Casino Token Death Grenade

December 2011Edit

Garden Flower Tinkle Pasper Holy Star
Christmas Icon Chocolate Christmas Tree All About Snowflakes
Attack Snowglobe Ole Doll Lump of Legendary Coal
Golden Snowglobe Lights of Paladore Legendary Gift Blizzard Background

January 2012Edit

Ramen Shark Plushie Astro Carrot
Snaile Golden Plant Bow Bow
Ayleaown Fire Cracker Crystal Book
Wood Blocks Jaded Dragon Sword Elemental Staff

February 2012Edit

Heal All Valentine Hair Lucier Charm
Ruby Heart Wand Water Element Icon Love Charm
Valentines Background Pine Tree Golden Garden Statue
Valentine Dress Kissmoss Valentines Fruit

May 2012Edit

Cherry Blossom Tree Hummingbird Black Tulip Seed
New Beginnings Island Stamp Berries
Flower Power Gun GM Doll Kite
Karen Plushie Diavolo Plushie Alex Plushie

June 2012Edit

Dragtile Staff Ban Hammer Plushie Toy Train
National Splurge Day Lumidile Charm Dragtile Stamp
Dragtile Palm Tree Sword Icon
Coconut Palm Tree Background PaulSonny Doll

July 2012Edit

Paladore Charm Picnic Background Serpei
Summer Shorts Serpei Stamp Snake Fang Amulet
Summer Top All About Serpei Gummy Serpens
Summer Dress Snake Vine Lee Doll

August 2012Edit

Psypony Background Super Hot Chili Pepper Fly Swatter
Equidaen Sun Charm Bug Plushie
Ivy Plant Starter Pali Stamp Artist Doll
Water Gun Heavy Duty Water Pistol Push Bikel

September 2012Edit

Note Pad Pirate Captain's Hat Pirate Ship
Astro Seed Attack Eraser PBJ Sandwich
Felnost Teachers Apple Charm Karens Anthology
Island Background Pirate Stamp Back2school Knoxy Plushie

October 2012Edit

Pumpkin Costume Witch Doll Ghost Plushie
The Halloween Horror Skeleton Marionette Scythe
Trick or Treat Background Piece of Candy Charm Spooky Ghosts
Candy Corn Jack-o-Lantern stamp Pumpkin Seeds

November 2012Edit

Book Charm History of Paladore Extra Sharp Quill Turkey Dinner
Chrysanthemum Seed Writer Doll Monocle Icon Caldien

December 2012Edit

Holly Flute Reindeer Antlers Bell Charm CHristmas Tree Stamp
Fruit Cake Wooden Psypony Jingler Poinsettia Seed

January 2013Edit

Seal Iberis Seed Snowflake Charm Powdered Snow Bomb
Lamb Lettuce Bottle of Glitter Warm Kitchen Background Super Snow Scarf

February 2013Edit

Sibrion Iris Seed Cursed Rose Heart Stamp
Broken Heart Plushie Star Crossed Lovers Two Heart Charm Heart Cake

March 2013Edit

Magical Shamrock Leprechaun Hat Icon Lucky Rabbit Foot 4 Leaf Clover
Leprechaun Plushie Earth Garden Bench Sweetie Pi Candy Think Green!

April 2013Edit

Rain Cloud Forum Style Rainy Day Background Storm Cloud Icon Storm Cloud Charm
Rainbow Umbrella Plushie Pineapple Upside Down Cake April Showers Sticker Vespio

January 2014Edit

Scimitar Warm Cup of Tea Popcorn Stamp Penguin Waltz Sheet Music
Garnet Charm Potted Plant Plushie Bubble Bath Soap Book of Braille


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