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226 Kifrie
Type: Water Water
Palamorphs at: 22
Starting stats:

Strength: 5
Defence: 15
Magic Attack: 1
Magic Defence: 1
Luck: 2

Found Around: n/a
Height: n/a
Weight: n/a stones


A herd of Kifrie have recently been found wandering between the Lost Igloo and Serabi's Cave. Some of them strayed away from the herd and were rescued. After being rescued they have gotten used to Paladins handling them. The Pali now refuse to return to their herd and instead reside at the Lost Igloo. You can make this Pali your own for 500,000 rubies.

Palabase EntryEdit

This Pali is always found near lakes and slow moving streams. Kifrie love to frolic through the streams or shallows, splashing water everywhere. They are excellent swimmers but rarely swim into the deeper waters of the lakes.


Palia Locations Adventure Locations
None None

Special PaliEdit

Kifrie is part of the "special pali" where they can not be obtained through Palia or Adventure, but in a unique and special way altogether.

You can only get a Kifrie by buying one for 500,000 rubies at the Lost Igloo

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