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80 Inpu
Type: Ancient Ancient
Palamorphs at: Lvl 15
Starting stats:

Strength: 3
Defence: 3
Magic Attack: 13
Magic Defence: 4
Luck: 2

Found Around: n/a
Height: n/a
Weight: n/a stones

Palabase EntryEdit

Using it's charm-like tail it will often put ancient curses on anyone that passes by. Inpu are very respected Pali and are often kept as a royal pet or even worshiped as a form of a god. Very few Inpu are known to exist and they are thought to live up to 7 thousand years.


Palia Locations Adventure Locations
Ancient Ruins: The Beasts Lair None

Miniboss InfoEdit

Cooldown: 2 Hours

HP: 2000


Inpu1   How to get: Feed prunes to your Inpu.

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