• Purple dots are teleports.
  • Red dots are npcs.
  • Yellow dots are things needed to continue in storyline. (Example: Yellow dot's in Hexe Caves = Levers)
  • Bright green dots are bosses
  • Black dots are town teleporters

Note:The order of NPC's are read from left-right and top-down.


Cave: Level 1 Room 2
NPC: Helen - Quest? 100 Hexe Reward: ???


Caves: Level 2 Room 1
NPC: Alex - Quest? 75 Hexor. Reward: Bubble III


Cave: Level 3 Room1

TO: Grasslands
 Hex Cave: Level 1 Entrance

Cave: Level 2 Entrance
Note: Leftmost teleport goes to Level 3
Rightmost teleport goes to


Cave: Level 3 Entrance
Boss: Hexking
NPC: Jaz - Quest? Collect 10 Hexor Bats. Reward = ???


Cave: Exit

TO: Mushroom Village

Cave: Level 1 Room 1

Hex Cave: Level 3 Room 2

NPC: Hero Harry - Quest? Defeat Hexking. Reward? Haste ability

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