General Info/RulesEdit

In this game you use the arrow keys to move the flipo around and press the up arrow to shoot water. The goal is to extinguish the fireballs before they can set fire to all of flippo's garden. The bigger the fireball, the more points you can earn by dousing it.

Adventure RequirementsEdit

(Which islands require the completion of this game and with what minimum score.)

Moody RockEdit

  • Score 200

Ball of DustEdit

  • Score 200

Floating Isle IIEdit

  • Score 200

Fallen StarEdit

  • Score 200

Old ParadiseEdit

  • Score 200

New ParadiseEdit

  • Score 350

Hope DreamEdit

  • Score 200

Poker LandEdit

  • Score 300


  • Score 450

Timeless PortalEdit

  • Score 450

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