Flare is the ability used by fire type pali.

Damage ModifiersEdit

Each ability has a damage modifer. With Flare, this modifier is based upon the magic attack.


Each ability can be found in the following locations.

Ability Location
Flare I Only available to those who chose Leow as a starter pet. You may buy and sell the ability from other users.
Flare II Not currently available.
Flare III After the Hexe cave boss battle.
Flare IV For the quest UNKOWN.
Flare V Not currently available.
Flare VI May be bought from the professions shop for 250PP.

Damage DealtEdit

Each tier of flare does a set amount of damage based upon a pali's magic attack.

Ability Modifier
Flare I x
Flare II x
Flare III x
Flare IV x
Flare V x
Flare VI x

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