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Faded Forrest

Complete Map of Solstice. Part of the LOP Event


  • Purple dots are teleports.
  • Red dots are npcs.
  • Yellow dots are things needed to continue in storyline. (Example: Yellow dot's in Hexe Caves = Levers)
  • Bright green dots are bosses
  • Black dots are town teleporters

Note:The order of NPC's are read from left-right and top-down.


NPC Location Quest Reward
Anna The Steady Path II Defeat 150 Bandet Kick IV
Barbara Towards The Snow City Defeat 150 Munti New Ability (Orb Bomb IV)
Chloe Lost Hope Defeat 200 Owai Ancient ability

Map NotesEdit

  • Magrai is found on A Chilly Path and spawns once every hour.

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