The Bunny Buddies Event was Paladore's Easter event. It began on March 26, 2013.

Event DetailsEdit

The purpose of this event was to hunt for items that could then be used to craft various eggs and bunnies.

Bunny Buddy GardenEdit

Premium members got two clicks and all other members would get o
ne click to search for items in the garden. Various plushies, icons, decorating paper, and crafting chocolates could be found in the garden. To help people out, until April 1st the staff would donate crafting chocolates and decorating paper to the black hole. 

Patch's Crafting BurrowEdit

Once you gathered enough materials from hunting in the garden, you could craft eggs and bunnies with Patch. The recipes required 2 or 3 items and were straightforward based on the egg and bunny icons. There was a forum guide for crafting that provided the recipes if users had trouble.

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