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Ancient Ruin

Complete map of the Ancient Ruin


  • Purple dots are teleports.
  • Red dots are npcs.
  • Yellow dots are things needed to continue in storyline. (Example: Yellow dot's in Hexe Caves = Levers)
  • Bright green dots are bosses
  • Black dots are town teleporters

Note:The order of NPC's are read from left-right and top-down.


NPC Location Quest Reward
Jess Entrance Defeat 400 Cosmus Fire Fire IV
Alice Mysterious Path III Defeat 300 Jelfi Water Water IV
Carol Mysterious Path IV Defeat 200 Monmoo Demon Demon Dance IV
Allison No Time To Waste Defeat 400 Billy Earth Leaf Wave IV

Map NotesEdit

  • When you reach Double Attack the first time there will be a short cutscene. You will need to be able to defeat a Hypnoda and a Serpenteam back-to-back. There will not a chance to heal your pali before the second battle.

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