Adventure Map
The adventure system involves a series of islands (16) that each have various tasks to be completed. Usually these tasks involve scoring a minimum score on a couple games in order to complete the island. However, some islands may also include quests that need to be finished in order to complete the island. Once you complete all of the tasks on an island, and as long as you complete them within the time allotted, you get to pick from 1 of 3 treasure chests. These chests can contain random items, rubies, the map to the next island, or a pali to be captured. In order to proceed to the next island, you must have the map for that island. The colored islands are the ones available for you to attempt; any that are still locked are greyed out (see photo above).

If you have trouble completing a certain task, you can quit it, but this deducts some of your energy (10-20% depending on the island). In order to complete an island, you must complete at least one of the tasks, so you can quit all but one if you want.

Order of the Islands: The Lost Isle - Moody Rock - Crispy Land - Floating Isle I - Floating Isle II - Fallen Star - TerrorLand - Water Fails - Old Paradise - New Paradise - Hope Dream - Poker Land - Evoland - Timeless Portal - Neverending

Capturing PaliEdit

There are a number of pali that can only be obtained by capturing them after completing an island. This is when having a lot of energy is important because each action (luring and capturing) costs energy. Your energy resets at the change of the hour, so many users recommend waiting to pick a chest until then in case a pali is available for capture. This tactic is especially useful when completing some of the more difficult islands that require 40% of your energy to even attempt them. Capturing pali is purely luck, just like when battling in palia, so don't be discouraged if you don't catch one on the first try.

List of Adventure Only PaliEdit

(This does not include palamorphed stages of pali that can be found in palia or in other islands. A complete list can be found in the thread listed under sources).


Silverfox's Adventure Guide

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